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Our Story

Our company specialises in the restoration of doors, windows and wooden components. In order to achieve results that reflects the age of the item, our experienced craftsmen use traditional crafting skills. For example, our masters are familiar with old wood grain enhancing and marbling techniques for finishing surfaces. It is important to us that the result of our work retains the feel of bygone times. We value and respect the authentic historical interior and exterior of our client's property as we restore its existing components and create new solutions for the building. We fulfill even the most particular wishes of our clients and are able to offer the largest production volumes in our region.
  • We value wood

    We value wood as a traditionally good and durable material.

  • Feel of the Period

    The result of the high quality work of our craftsmen is characterised by the aesthetics and feel of the period that the item originates from.

  • Traditions

    We reproduce craftsmanship of bygone times and use authentic materials.

  • Modern Energy Efficiency

    We guarantee modern quality standards for our solutions.

  • Expert Partner

    We offer flexible all-inclusive packages and technical support to our clients, architects and designers.