Suur Tõll

Restoring windows, exterior and interior doors for icebreaker Suur Tõll.

The steam-icebreaker, named after Saaremaa's mythological strongman Suur Tõll, is the world's largest surviving steam-icebreaker today. It is also the only surviving steamship in the Baltics built before the Estonian War of Independence.

Location: Exhibit of the Estonian Maritime Museum, Vesilennuki 6, Tallinn, 10415
Year: 2014

The ship was launched on December 29, 1913 under the name of Tsar Mikhail Feodorovich - it was the most modern and technically advanced icebreaker of its time. In 1914, Tallinn became its home port.


Suur Tõll is open to visitors in Tallinn's Seaplane Harbour. It is a historical ship in a fairly original condition.

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