Suuremõisa Manor’s main building

Restoration of interior doors for Suuremõisa Manor.

Hiiu-Suuremõisa (Dago-Grossenhof) is located on the eastern part of Hiiu Island in Pühalepa parish. This manor ensemble is one of the most magnificent baroque buildings in Estonia.

Suuremõisa castle (built in 1755–1760) is an attractive two-storey stone building with a French roof and two single storey wings on either side. The manor's own joinery's output was used for its construction.

Location: Lossi tee 3, Suuremõisa, Hiiumaa, 92302
Year: 2017

The imposing front facade features a triangular frontispiece on roof level which foregrounds the manor's entrance. The rhythm of the facade, as well as the building's internal structure, is determined by the stone-framed windows which are placed in pairs and groups of three. The ridge of the roof is crowned by four wide cornice chimneys.


The oak double doors, which mark the centre line of the building, are decorated with unique baroque carvings. In front of the main entrance is a large limestone balustrade terrace that originally had a sculptural design. The more simply designed back of the building features wide, curved stairs.


The basement floor features vaulted ceilings. In the middle of the ground floor there is a marble tiled lobby and a grand staircase which goes through the whole building. On the first floor there is a great hall with stucco ceiling and an enfilade of other reception rooms.


Nowadays, the castle is a home to Hiiumaa vocational school and Suuremõisa kindergarten and elementary school.

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