Tallinn Teachers’ House

Fire doors - manufacturing and restoration.

The Teachers' House in the Town Hall Square in Tallinn is an event and training centre that combines its classical period interior and historical milieu with modern learning opportunities.

The Teachers' House has played an important role in Tallinn's development since the 13th century. Medieval scrolls contain references to citizens living and working there - rich merchants, highly esteemed craftsmen and later, even members of the Town Council.

Location: Raekoja plats 14 / Vene tn 5, Tallinn
Year: 2017

Over the centuries, the Teachers' House estate has expanded onto Apteegi and Vene streets. In 1766, it was given to the Baltic Sea Fleet of the Russian Empire to use and the dwellings were rebuilt into formal reception rooms.


The renovation works (1766, 1957 and 1973) highlight the building's classical heritage. The period features of walls and ceilings, tremendous chandeliers and beautiful tiled fireplaces have been preserved here.


On November 11, 1918, the Temporary Government of the Republic of Estonia began work in this building at the address Raekoja plats 14 - ministries were also located here for a short time. Until 1940, the building housed a local officers' club - the Central Casino for Officers, which hosted smart balls and receptions.

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