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Best Solutions for Period Properties

A good craftsman can work wonders with a window or door that is seemingly in poor condition. Our craftsmen restore and replace damaged or worn components with skill, valuing the authenticity and the historical feel of the outcome. We are probably the best in the region in terms of capacity, which allows us to carry out large-scale projects at reasonable budgets whilst meeting agreed deadlines. We provide technical and general support to designers and, if necessary, design the solutions ourselves.
  • Restoration of Windows and Doors

    We restore the original look of windows and doors, remove wood damage and replace damaged or worn components. We use traditional finishes for wood, such as linseed oil paint, enhancing the wood grain or marbling. We use traditional putty for sealing window panes to frames.

  • Manufacture of Wooden Doors and Windows

    It is not always possible to fully restore windows and doors. In such cases, we replace them with stylish new solutions that are characteristic of the period they originate from. Where necessary, we also use traditional finishing methods in the manufacturing process to preserve the overall historical appearance of the entire exterior and interior.

  • Design and Manufacture of Windows and Doors

    In addition to windows and doors, we also design and custom-make any other wooden period openings. These may include hatches, partitions, wooden galleries etc.

  • Restoration of the Metal Components of Windows and Doors

    The restoration and, if necessary, replacement of metal components of doors and windows, including forged components. Hidden details and screws are replaced with stainless alternatives to prevent corrosion.